Frequently asked questions

Why aluminum?

Aluminum is relatively pliable in the manufacturing process, which allows for cost savings in production, the finished product is very durable and the weight is balanced but hefty.

It hits the high standard in quality, cost, and reliability that I look for in all of the tools and products I use.
The sound that aluminum dice make when rolling in the hand and on a mat or dice tray is also incredibly satisfying.

What wear can I expect?

The aluminum itself is very resilient, the color finishes tend to wear farily consistenly at the edges over time. The first dozen games with hundreds of rolls you will notice some nicks. After you have put the dice through their paces and several GTs they will have noticeable wear (that is the battle tested look I prefer). Once they have been in a dice bag and rolled thousands of times you will notice that the primary edge color is the aluminum base.

Will this damage my models or table?

With any harder substance hitting a softer substance you could expect damage. When playing with plastic or wood minis I would recomend a rolling mat or dice tray, this will prevent stray hits and dents. Aluminum dice individually don't carry the same weight that heavier substances would and thus the momentum when hitting other objects is blunted somewhat.

Why 16mm?

Once again the balance of readability, heft, and roll feel is why this is the size D6 Dice are produced in. After playing 9-12 hours per day over multiple days at large miniature tournaments I haven't noticed sustained fatigue from rolling and enjoy using the dice for both large and small numbers of dice per roll.