Shipping Policy

We ship wherever we can and offer discounts on orders over $20 in the USA and over $50 internationally! The nanobots we employ take a little bit to put together everything for your order, but we will always try to get things out the door within a business day. If you need things shipped any faster get in touch and we can see what skynet can do.

Return & Exchange Policy

If you have changed your mind and the dice are still freshly decanted (within 2 weeks from delivery) Agent Smith won't be sent after you. Let us know and we will process the return post haste. (Until we work out proper matter transposition you will need to cover return shipping)


If you receive the dice and have decided on another color or style reach out within 1 week from delivery and will take care of you. (blah, blah time travel, blah blah, shipping is on you for the return, we will pay for the new dice out to you).